The Strats team at Standard Chartered is growing again. We have 7 new open roles currently, in a range of areas.

  • Haskell dev for liquidity management analytics.
  • Haskell devs for trade monitoring and control.
  • Contract analysis in Haskell (via FpML)
  • Haskell devs for low latency components in soft real-time non-linear pricing charges service.

You would join an existing team of 30 Haskell developers in Singapore or London. Generally our roles involve directly working with traders to automate their work and improve their efficiency. We use Haskell for all tasks. Either GHC Haskell or our own (“Mu”) implementation, and this is a rare chance to join a large, experienced Haskell dev team.

We offer permanent or contractor positions, at Director and Associate Director level, with very competitive compensation. Demonstrated experience in typed FP (Haskell, OCaml, F# etc) is required or other typed FP.

All roles require some physical presence in either Singapore or London, and we offer flexiblity with these constraints (with work from home available in some cases). No financial background is required or assumed.

More info about our development process is in the 2012 PADL keynote, and a 2013 HaskellCast interview.

If this sounds exciting to you, please send your PDF resume to me – donald.stewart <at>